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Connect with skilled and qualified tutors from across the globe and gain access to 300+ online courses. Select a tutor, view the available courses, enroll yourself, and start learning, anytime, anywhere.
Join interactive webinars and live-streamed knowledge sharing sessions from premier educational institutions and experienced tutors. Avail a free course demo and choose the most befitting education partner.
BlocEdu TV is the world’s first decentralized entertainment, education, and content distribution platform! We provide access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, and educational videos. Avail ‘Edutainment’ content from our vast on-demand library.
Discover hundreds of experienced traders and emulate their trading strategies to maximize your profits. Save your time and effort with the assistance of experienced traders to make profitable trades

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Availability of qualified thousands + online courses and on Demand
Thousands+ experienced and qualified tutors
Intuitive student/tutor dashboards with real-time insights
Get the best of ‘Edutainment’ with BlocEdu TV
Start earning by investing in popular cryptocurrencies
24/7 access to webinars and live learning sessions
Fast and easy payments in BTC, ETH, USD, and EDU tokens

Dùng 6 ngày set nội dung Fanpage 6 tháng

Dùng 6 ngày set nội dung Fanpage 6 tháng

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Introducing The BlocEdu Mobile App

At BlocEdu, our mission is to provide global access to quality education by connecting students or learners with skilled tutors from around the world. To improve our services and enhance user experiences, we introduce BlocEdu mobile app, a standalone mobile solution with easy access to all BlocEdu features
  • Gain instant access to quizzes, webinars, and knowledge sessions at your fingertips
  • Intuitive dashboards to track and monitor analytics data, course duration, and much more
  • Set bids, optimize bid amount, and manage crypto trades directly from your smartphone
  • Stay up-to-date and gain early access to new features